Damian is the consummate professional, attentive to detail and a compassionate educator. I have enjoyed working with him and I have followed his work regarding his presentations and his writing.

Ms. K. Bergacs
Licensed Social Worker

Damian’s understanding of the teacher’s perspective, as well as his strong foundation in evidence-based intervention, enabled him to develop effective behavior plans that worked for both the student and the teacher.

He puts others at ease and invites a rapport that facilitates change in development… his empathy and concern for others is heartwarming and obvious.

Dr. S. Blackwell-Nehlig
School Psychologist

Thanks so much for your leadership in helping your students and colleagues learn how social networking and Web 2.0 capabilities can expand learning opportunities for us all.

Your leadership has helped us move forward so much in the past year… Not only are staff members becoming aware [of integrating technology into curriculum], they are interested in learning more. You have created the inertia.

Mr. D. Ginty
Instructional Technology Supervisor

He is insightful, knowledgeable, and professional.  Damian has a wealth of knowledge from his previous years of teaching, which has allowed him a unique perspective in his current role as School Psychologist. Damian’s past creativeness and implementation of technology into lessons has allowed him to successfully write meaningful modifications and accommodations for student with disabilities, and has given him the ability to effectively translate this information for teachers to execute.

Ms. M. Lee
Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant

Damian is a great example of where education is going. His unique perspective on the learning process and his drive to create dynamic and positive interactions will greatly benefit every student and colleague who has the opportunity to work with him.

Mr. B. McIsaac
English Dept. Supervisor

I wanted to…acknowledge the exceptional service my family received from Mr. Damian Bariexca… The family’s long relationship with [school district] has been, at times, very challenging.  But, when we met and interacted with Mr. Bariexca, we found him to be very professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and understanding.  He made what could have been a very stressful situation one that was, instead, very manageable.  I wanted to be sure that the administration was aware of this exceptional person and again, I thank our good fortune for having him as [student]’s case manager.

On behalf of the members of PFLAG, I want to thank you for taking the time to come and speak to us… It’s very encouraging to know that there are teachers out there educating the next generation to be more accepting of people who are different from them.

Thank you for all that you’ve done for [student] this past year.  Your unwavering support meant a lot to me.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart…

I am so grateful for all you did for [student] (and me) this year.

Thank you so much for all you did for [student] this year!  We are ending with success and you had a lot to do with that!

I have seen your ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and wanted you to know how much I personally appreciate your participation. I also admire the fact that you did your homework prior to the challenge—getting all the facts and making them public. My son… is afflicted with ALS… your willingness to bring awareness to the cause is greatly appreciated!

Parents & Community Members

Thank you for giving me self-confidence to believe in myself.  I cannot thank you enough for understanding my situation.  I will never forget you for that… It has been a real struggle for me in high school and if it weren’t for teachers like you, I never would have made it.

Of the countless things I have learned from you, I think the most important was your insight on the job of a teacher.  You said…that the job… was to teach students how to think critically… This remark has had such an impact on me because that one day either as a friend, a father, or a professor, I will have to teach and what you said will remind me why I am teaching.

…taking your class really opened my eyes to a new kind of literature.  Your enthusiasm and never-ending smile never failed to excite the class, and your ability to joke with the students…really created a friendly atmosphere.

I feel I am a better, more well-rounded person for taking that class and I thank you for that… It is because of teachers like you that I am going to college to be a secondary education teacher… Hopefully one day my future students will think as highly as me as I think of you both.

You have been such a wonderful life teacher for me!  I hope to someday be a teacher and I wish to fit the role at least half as well as you do.  You seem to be so passionate about teaching that you make me passionate about learning.  You are truly gifted and a great inspiration to me.

Thank you for making the last half of my year the most interesting time I’ve had in all of high school  You are two of the best teachers I have ever had and I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to be a part of the Multicultural Studies class.

Teachers like you two make high school fun, positive, and a joy to come to every day.  Not only do you guys make the classroom a great social environment but you make everyone feel comfortable, and I admire adults who make that effort for teenagers.

I just graduated from [university] with [degree]. It took some time and a few internships to do it… and I never would have done the first internship had it not been for this fantastic English teacher I had sophomore year of high school who taught me how awesome Shakespeare actually was. So thanks for putting me on the right track that lead me to the place I needed to be. I probably never would have made it this far if I hadn’t had you as a teacher… So thanks again for being one of the most positive influences during a difficult time in my life…


[The workshop] was very informative and the members were very excited.  You created an environment in which all participants felt comfortable and safe to express their thoughts and ideas… You set a high bar for future presenters.  Thank you for being so engaging.

That was by far the best workshop I have had since I have been here.  It made me think about how to motivate the students more and make things more effective in the classroom.  Great job!

…the workshop we had…presented by Damian Bariexca was great.  It was well paced, interactive, and allowed time for discussion and application.  I look forward to working with Damian again…

Damian was excellent; very helpful… he sparked ideas for use within the classroom.

I took this course for two credits.  If there were no credits and I knew how much I would learn I would take the course anyway.  Your OPLN wiki site was superb and will serve as an incredible resource for those of us who took the course.

This would definitely be the most useful in-service I have taken.

I am so impressed with your knowledge and expertise in using so many of these resources.

one of the better workshops I have attended.

I thought there was a nice balance of lecture and hands-on.

It is a fantastic, eye-opening experience and there is so much to learn.

Definitely the most interesting and useful PD experience I’ve had.

Thank you for your presentation.  I’ve learned a few new things and, more than anything, you’ve boosted my confidence a little in trying to experiment with this ‘stuff’.

Damian was extremely knowledgeable and exceptionally patient in his presentation of material.  I would not hesitate to take another ETTC class with him.

Workshop Participants