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  1. Perhaps the second section should say “To be filled out by educational professional”. Poorly worded forms need to be challenged.

  2. @Chris – Believe me, I was, but photographing norm-referenced, standardized test protocols & posting them on the Interweb is a big no-no and could probably get me in hot water. Even though it was only the cover page, I figured it was better to err on the side of caution. BTW, congratulations – yours is the 500th comment made on this blog since it was born in August 2007!

    @Lynn – I agree; I just wish I knew the best way to do it. Sternly-worded letter to the publisher, maybe? Probably not a bad idea…

  3. Hey Damian,

    This bit hurts—but it’s all-too-common no matter what position you hold in the profession.

    I was once in an IEP meeting reviewing testing results with a parent who requested testing from the school after having testing at an outside agency.

    After detailing the results of the school-based testing which had been conducted by our building’s psychologist, the parent said, “Yeah, but what do the professionals say?”


    This kind of stuff really makes me wonder why people fund the public school system at all!

    Rock right on,
    Bill Ferriter´s last blog post ..Still Tired of Educations Glass Ceiling