Why I Blog

Since 2007, I have blogged at Apace of Change about the challenges, successes, and failures I experienced in attempting to infuse technology into my instruction and assessment as a high school English teacher.  With each subsequent change in my professional position (teacher to school psychologist to adjunct instructor to consultant to administrator), my blogging focus has shifted slightly, but generally broadened to encompass more issues in education.

Blogging has great potential as a tool of reflection, and I have found that frequent and thorough reflection has helped me to become a better educator, husband, and father.  Whereas some may prefer to write in a journal or simply reflect in thought, blogging allows for interaction with an audience.  In some cases, this interaction provides me with affirmation; in others, my thoughts are challenged.  Either way, as long as the discourse remains constructive, growth occurs.

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A collection of favorite blog posts I’ve written since 2007 can be found here.