NASP Portfolio

NB: This portfolio has not been updated in fifteen years; however, I am leaving it online indefinitely due to the many visitors this site receives seeking examples of the NASP portfolio.  It met the requirements ca. 2008, but it may not be representative of the current requirements. For the most current information, consult your university program’s chair or coordinator.

School psych students, I hope you find this helpful; please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Below is a selection of work products from both my graduate coursework and my professional experience that demonstrate proficiency in each of the Eleven Domains of School Psychology Practice (now 10) as set forth by the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP).  Please note that for confidentiality’s sake, I have removed potentially identifying information from reports.

Data Based Decision Making & Accountability

  • Behavioral Consultation A [pdf]
  • Consultation Summary Report [pdf]
  • Functional Behavior Assessment A [pdf]
  • Behavior Frequency Chart [pdf]

Collaboration & Consultation

  • Behavioral Consultation B [pdf]
  • Consultation Summary Report [pdf]
  • Counseling Case Notes A [pdf]
  • Practicum Hours – Consultation [pdf]

Instruction & Development of Cognitive/Academic Skills

  • Direct Academic Assessment [pdf]
  • Research – Decoding Processes & Interventions [pdf]
  • Research – Developmental Contributions to Reading Disabilities [pdf]

Socialization & Development of Life Skills

  • Counseling Case Notes B [pdf]
  • Functional Behavior Assessment B [pdf]
  • Practicum Hours – Behavioral & Social-Emotional Assessment [pdf]
  • Social-Emotional Assessment Report [pdf]
  • Social Story – Fire Alarms in School [pdf]

Student Diversity in Development & Learning

  • Book Review – Savage Inequalities [pdf]
  • Conners ADHD Report [pdf]
  • Practicum Hours – Intelligence Assessment [pdf]
  • Research – Ebonics and Education [pdf]
  • Research – Mainstream Integration of LEP Students [pdf]
  • Research – MTBI in Children [pdf]

School/Systems Organization, Policy Development, & Climate

Prevention, Crisis Intervention, & Mental Health

  • Charted Counseling Session [pdf]
  • Counseling Case Notes C [pdf]
  • Counseling Session Self-Critique [pdf]

Home, School, & Community Collaboration

  • Concept Paper – Generalizing Reinforcement [pdf]

Research & Program Evaluation

  • Direct Academic Assessment [pdf]
  • Lit Review – School Based Problem Solving Teams [pdf]
  • Program Evaluation – Activity Fair [pdf]
  • Reevaluation Report – Psychological (WISC-IV) [pdf]
  • Reevaluation Report – Psychological (WISC-IV, BASC-2 SRP-A) [pdf]
  • Survey Report – School Spirit [pdf]

School Psychology Practice & Development

  • Autistic Disorder Evaluation Scale Scoring Tool [xls]
  • Elementary Psych Report (WISC-IV, WIAT-II, Beery VMI, Vineland II) [pdf]
  • Eligibility Determination Report (WISC-IV, BASC-2 SRP-A/PRS-A/TRS-A, ASDS) [pdf]
  • Functional Behavior Assessment A [pdf]
  • Transition Report – Psychoeducational (WAIS-III, WJ-III) [pdf]
  • Transition Report – Psychoeducational (WAIS-III, WJ-III) [pdf]
  • Transition Report – Psychological (WAIS-IV) [pdf]

Information Technology

  • I have blogged about education (with an emphasis on the role of technology therein) at Apace of Change since 2007.
  • See a collection of favorite blog posts I have written.
  • Wikis have tremendous potential as educational tools; read more about my involvement with educational wikis.