Damian is the consummate professional, attentive to detail and a compassionate educator. I have enjoyed working with him and I have followed his work regarding his presentations and his writing.

Ms. K. Bergacs
Licensed Social Worker

Damian’s understanding of the teacher’s perspective, as well as his strong foundation in evidence-based intervention, enabled him to develop effective behavior plans that worked for both the student and the teacher.

He puts others at ease and invites a rapport that facilitates change in development… his empathy and concern for others is heartwarming and obvious.

Dr. S. Blackwell-Nehlig
School Psychologist

Thanks so much for your leadership in helping your students and colleagues learn how social networking and Web 2.0 capabilities can expand learning opportunities for us all.

Your leadership has helped us move forward so much in the past year… Not only are staff members becoming aware [of integrating technology into curriculum], they are interested in learning more. You have created the inertia.

Mr. D. Ginty
Instructional Technology Supervisor

He is insightful, knowledgeable, and professional.  Damian has a wealth of knowledge from his previous years of teaching, which has allowed him a unique perspective in his current role as School Psychologist. Damian’s past creativeness and implementation of technology into lessons has allowed him to successfully write meaningful modifications and accommodations for student with disabilities, and has given him the ability to effectively translate this information for teachers to execute.

Ms. M. Lee
Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant

Damian is a great example of where education is going. His unique perspective on the learning process and his drive to create dynamic and positive interactions will greatly benefit every student and colleague who has the opportunity to work with him.

Mr. B. McIsaac
English Dept. Supervisor